Monday, June 2, 2008

Hang over or overhang

I was told about this occurrence but didn't believe it could possibly exist until I had seen it with mine own eyes. Apparently the Key Bank along Euclid Chester Avenue around East 36th suffers from such low sun angles (as opposed to the rest of the city) that they not only used an overhang but also outfitted each window with its very own awning.
Let us ponder this for a minute. At what point did someone look at the elevations of the building (which HAD to have shown the overhangs) and thought, "You know what this building needs? Awnings under the overhangs!"
"That's SO avant-garde!" exclaims the owner or whomever was being asked to verify the decision. "Key Bank branch #458 will be the banking icon of the CENTURY!"

"It's ironic enough to be hip." murmured the unpaid intern deciding to later write about it on his myspace page or whatever kids write in these days.

The part that concerns me is I almost wonder if the awnings were a requirement of some absurd zoning restriction that necessitates awnings over the windows of all commercial properties. This would also mean that the architect/owner/builder decided not to even broach a variance but instead just gave up and built the thing as specified. I could further speculate on why this mess occurred but would rather just forget it for now. It has already garnered too much attention.