Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Cut once, measure twice...

Located on the Fries and Schuele building in ohio city, these blue ceramic glazed tiles are located in the center of the brick piers that form the base of the building. Notice the fine attention by the architect to make these piers a masonry dimension so that the tile would seamlessly fit into the running bond pattern.

1. It looks as if the header bricks were shaved to accept the tile.
2. The cut brick on the right seems smaller then on the left.

3. One would feel more comfortable if the tile fit into the running bond pattern instead of breaking the pattern by thirds. If the tile were centered on the pier that should be the case. I am assuming that the pier is not a masonry dimension or there are some 'pigs' in the wall. I don't know if a wider shot would show more of the discrepancy. Maybe, maybe not. (-ed)