Friday, July 27, 2007

Fire suppression - Old Skool Style

Not really a design problem, unless this particular rope was actually specified as part of the fire surpression system. Think of it like this...

-Building on fire.
-Fire burns rope which closes fire door (not on hold opens) creating a fire barrier
-Releases tension on valve allowing manifold to open supplying the sprinkler system
(not shown from this point on...)
-Sprinkler system fills bowl with water lifting gate via pulley on cage of mice
-Mice exit cage and run across a series of bridge to plate of cheese
-Pressure on bridge dials '9-1-1 emergency' on push button phone
-Additional weight to plate of cheese pulls blanket from off of parrot cage
-Parrot repeats address of structure over and over for 911 operator until extinguished from smoke inhalation