Monday, October 26, 2009

Feel the Heat

Taken from the interior of the Capitol Theatre in sunny Detroit Shoreway/Cleveland there are a couple decisions that should be called into question.

First off, naming the lobby after a construction company isn't a bad idea, heck it may mean the craftsmanship in that particular locale is rather fine but when the length of the name starts to interfere with some other built in condition (in this case a big ol' sprinkler head) you should probably start rethinking about the branding.

I don't really know which is more egregious. Making the name of the lobby so dang huge in comparison to the soffit on which it sits or making the decision to just ignore the fact that the sprinkler head looks like another "o" in lobby. The Marous Brothers Construction Looby. I don't know what that is. I do know that I am concerned about the thinking on what is good finish quality at this point, on what is acceptable and what is just good enough to "get by".

Heck, spring for a concealed head or something. I mean, it has your NAME on it. Right there. In BIG friggin' letters.